Baxi backboiler repair in Southeast London

Baxi Bermuda backboiler repair in southeast London and Bromley is something fewer and fewer people want to deal with, let alone ventilation issues. The generation of youngsters that come out of "plumbing school" today, often have little or no experience with them. The central heating system that placed a boiler behind the traditional fire in the living room, was a revolutionary idea in its day. When it was introduced back in 1966, it took the market by storm. Not surprising when you add a very high reliability to and acceptable price and a enormous durability. Even today, there are still many thousands of them around doint their job day in day out, and frequently being over thirty years old. The added bonus of not taking up any extra space, has no doubt added to the success of this model. It is estimated that 80% of all backboilers ever sold in the entire country, were Baxi Bermudas. For expert backboilers repairs of these and other makes in southeast London or Bromley:

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Apart from being hard work compared to working on modern boilers, there are other reasons why more and more installers are not keen to work on backboilers. Recently, the government decided to once again change the regulations. As was to be expected, the rules got tougher. This lead to the bizarre situation that some systems that were considered safe for many years, became technically unsafe. Due to the wisdom of some bureaucrats, we now have to tell you that what has served you fine for twenty or thirty years, is suddenly dangerous. This is now probably the most common "repair".What has happened, is that the ventilation details have been alteredand now we have to shut backboilers down until the ventilation has been increased.

baxi backboiler repairs Bromley southeast london

There are various other common problems with these and most of them can be solved.
People frequently complain about lack of performance in terms of rooms warming up too slowly or some not at all or heating being fine, but no hot water or vice versa. Details about this below.
Slightly less frequent, but still happening a lot, is partial working. Hot water fine, but heating not coming on. Usually same cause but different complaint, is heating coming on, but not all radiators getting warm. The complete story behind this is on another page, for which you will find the link in the paragraph that gives a brief explanation on this page. Don't fall for the sales talk
The next one on the list, is strange sounds. This can be different things from a quiet hiss to loud banging. More about this too.

Repairing corrosion problems with backboilers

baxi backboiler repair Bromley southeast london baxi backboiler corrosion repair

Repairing damage caused by corrosion, is more common than anything else on Baxi Bermudas and other makes of backboilers. The pump will suffer from it and the heatexchanger will deteriorate, which can all cause the radiators to cool down. It can also lead to the burner being turned off more and longer, which adds to the problem. The logical result of this is often that the user turns up the thermostat. Now you have an increased chance of overheating of the backboilers themselves.
Other common problems with corrosion are failing of the diverter valve and blocking of the feed and/or expansion pipes. The effect of this is either a more and more reduced working of the heating and hot water, or the failing of it altogether.
The valves and the pump are often located in airing cupboard. Since these are usually the first suspects, they are the first things I check. So don't be surprised when the chap who comes out for a Baxi backboiler repair does not look at the boiler first. Luckily, most of the time the problems can be solved, but sometime it is just too late and big holes have rotted in essential parts of the boiler. The photos below show the inside of a bbu as they are often called in the trade. The one on the left is the inside with the burner and the heatexchanger above it. You can clearly see the difference between the the part in the middle that is unaffected, and the sides that are rusted. The detail on the side clearly shows the bolt rusted down to less than half of its original thickness, and the big hole on the left.

Backboiler ventilation repair

Baxi backboiler repaired Bromley southeast london baxi backboiler corrosion repaired

Backboiler repairs of ventilation issues, is something I have found necessary in far too many homes in southeast London and Bromley where I went when called in for performance problems. One inherent downside of this type of heating system, is the inherent need for large amounts of fresh air to assure safe combustion. This can create a draft and people are tempted to block vents in walls and windows. Understandable as this is, it leads to dangerous and potentially lethal defects. The danger of this type of appliance is that when it is very easy to develop a defect that does not stop it from working, but keeps going in a dangerous way. You could compare it with a car that has a fine engine but a big leak in the exhaust. It will run fine, but the Carbon Monoxide enters the cabin and can kill you just as surely as failing brakes. Baxi Bermudas have the same risk. Blocking the openings needed to supply sufficient oxygen for clean combustion to reduce "draught", can cause CO production. What has happened, is that the ventilation details have been altered. For many years, if the ventilation opening was below a certain size, it was acceptable as long as it worked safely. Today, we have to shut it off if the opening is below 90% of the manufacturer's advice, end of story. It does not matter how many years you have had it. It does not matter if it works safely. We have to shut backboilers down until the ventilation has been increased. The result is that when we get called out we have to tell you that apart from repairing your Baxi backboiler, we have to do extra work. To many people, this will sound as an excuse for padding the bill. Since few of us are able to explain the necessity of this, it can very easily and very quickly damage your reputation when attending backboiler repairs.

Repairing backboiler lack of ventilation

repairing Baxi backboilers Bromley southeast London baxi backboiler corrosion repaired

What happens is that the lack of ventilation, lack of service or a small water leak in the heat exchanger can make the flames "dirty". By dirty I mean producing Carbon Monoxide. This is why ventilation is so importnt with backboilers. Not only is it absolutely necessary to make sure it works fine, it also helps to slow down the build up of CO. It only takes a very small amount of Carbon Monoxide to spill into the room to put your life at risk.

A concentration of 0.1% is likely to make you sleepy, proceeds to render you unconscious and if the heating stays on, you are bound to end up dead.

You should always have an approved CO detector in a room with a backboiler, and test it regularly to confirm it works.

If there is any boiler that really needs a full strip down service every years, it is this type.

Never block or reduce any ventilation openings; they are vital for your safety.

Check regularly around and under the "fire" for lint and dust. The normal working of backboilers turn them into a natural vacuum cleaner. Household dust, lint and pethair can clog up the ventilation openings. If you see any lint or hair, brush it off gently with a soft brush, or carefully hoover it up.

If you are not sure your Baxi Bermuda backboiler is working safely, contact a local professional for advice in southeast London or Bromley.

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