Baxi Combination Boiler Repair in Bromley

Baxi combination boiler repairs in Bromley are something you get used to when you in the South East London area.
It is a popular make, of which there are countless numbers, and there are a lot of them that are getting on a bit. Most were of a decent quality so a Baxi combination boiler repair in Bromley is no exception, and well worth it. If you are looking for a central heating engineer who specialises in repairing central heating systems, call:

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Although all combis essentially do the same thing, even within this one brand there are various ways in which to come to the end result. Those of us who know a bit more about boilers are aware that combis don't need a cylinder, sometimes erroneously called hot water tank. This doesn't mean it is not possible, it's just not needed. There are people that have a cylinder installed as well, and have that powered with renewable energy. Only when that is not enough, does the boiler kick in to provide the heat to finish heating the water.

Different Baxi Combination Boiler models

repaired baxi combination boiler There are two ways of differentiating between the various systems. One way is to look at whether it is a High Efficiency system or Standard Efficiency system. The former are usually called condensing boilers, condensers or steamers in central heating engineers' jargon. Steamer refers to the plume that is often visible, especially in colder weather. The S.E. Boiler is sometimes called conventional boiler. A bit confusing, as the term conventional is also used to indicate a boiler with a cylinder.

The other way in which combis are different from each other is the way in which they create Domestic Hot Water. Some do that with an internal diverter valve which leads the hot water "from the burner" ( out of the primary heat exchanger ) to the secondary heat exchanger. The other way of doing it, is to have to loops running through the heat exchanger, one for Central Heating, the other for Domestic Hot Water; this is know as a bi-flow.

A Baxi will generally have a diverter and a secondary heat exchanger. Although the system with the diverter is a better way of doing things in my humble opinion, Baxi combination boiler repairs in Bromley, or any other part of South East London for that matter, often involve these parts. The water in this area is very hard and is often a source of problems. It doesn't seem to take a whole lot of rust to be added to the limescale to form some sort of crust that makes it harder and harder for the spindle to move. This could be a possible explanation for the damaged diaphragms I have seen when I was called out for a Baxi combination boiler repair in Bromley.

Despite this not being an unusual problem, all and all these are decent machines. The public seems to like them as well, and the company has brought out a variety of models that are all based on the same concept. I have seen the small ones that are only just over 20 kiloWatt, and these days they carry on to a massive 40 kilowatt; enough to comfortably run two showers simultaneously. Due to energy conservation legislation to reduce our collective carbon footprint, all boiler installed today have to be "A"-rated H.E. Condensing boilers.

During the past decade, what is known as "band-B" was also allowed. These boilers were also condensing, but slightly less economical than A-rated. Before 2005, the vast majority were standard efficiency boilers. These were the ones that supplied the foundation for the high efficiency models. When you are a central heating engineer like me, who specialises in sorting out problems with boilers rather than installing new ones, you have seen them all after a while. It does make life easier when you are confronted with a new model, but you already know the one of the previous versions almost by heart.

Garanteed Baxi Combination Boiler Repairs in Bromley

This is only one of the reasons why I can offer a 100% guarantee. Yes, you are reading it right, 100% guaranteed repair!

How To avoid the most common cons and rip offs

My business is based on results, I do not charge for simply knocking on your door. My job is to find the fault, and that is what I will do. If I can not figure out what the problem is after investigating the installation, you won't be charged.

"A good central heatinig engineer can repair your central heating fault anywhere in South East London and Bromley area" is my motto. As long as I know exactly which boiler model we are talking about before I come out for your Baxi combination boiler repair. I do need to make sure the parts are still available of course; without them, it is a bit difficult. In 99% of the time, that is no problem at all.

If you would rather repair your boiler for a fraction of the cost of a new one

Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

Is the number to call if you want a guaranteed Baxi combination boiler repair in Bromley or South East London

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