Boiler faults repaired in South London and Bromley

Boiler faults repaired in South east London and Bromley, can almost always be a guaranteed option. There is always the exception that confirms the rule where crucial parts are simply not available any more. This is very rare though, and only happens once or twice a year.
When you call me with the exact details of make, model, numbers and letters to see if the parts are available. If I can get them, (I can get parts for almost every boiler) if you are in Bromley or South east London, repairing boiler faults is virtually always possible if you call

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If you want to keep what you have, you can do so. You don't have to get a new one if you don't want to. Even if you have already been told by a "pro" that it is curtains. It can be that you decide the total cost of parts and a labour comes to an amount hat makes the repair of your boiler fault economically uninteresting, but that is a different matter; it is still possible.

Repairing faults on condemned boilers

REMEHA AVANTA BOILER FAULT REPAIRED WORCESTER BOSCH BOILER FAULT REPAIRED Don't be intimidated by a big sign that says: "CONDEMNED". 9 out of 10 times, that means it is not safe to use, with the current defect. It does NOT mean that you must get a new one. It simply means that the equipment has a defect that compromises the safety, and defects can normally be mended. Have you ever had a car that failed the MOT? Did you scrap it and buy a new one? Of course not. I speak from many years of experience working as a central heating engineer when I say that in 99% of the time the problem can be sorted.

Some gas plumbers, will try to sell you a new installation so they can earn more money. Some do it because they don't have the skill, knowledge and experience to find out hat exactly is wrong, and really believe it can't be done. Many times I have gone out to do a quote for a new installation, and found there was no need to spend all that money. If you think it is a good idea to get a new one in stead of spending over a thousand pound on a new one, because you want a higher efficiency, more reliability, or something quieter, then that is fine. There can be many advantages that make upgrading your central heating system a good investment. But it is your house, money, and therefore it should be your decision based on facts, not the plumber's need for more income.

Different kinds of boiler fault repairs

POTTERTON PUMA BOILER FAULT REPAIRED There are many different kinds of boiler fault repairs. As the actual problem is often to with the controls, the pressure or a number of other issues, it should be called central heating system failure for the purists amongst us.

Blockage, usually caused by corrosion.
External electrical; this could be the power to the boiler, or somewhere in the controls.
Lack of gas; no gas at all, or just not enough to make it work properly.
Lack of flow; too little pressure from the pump, or too much resistance to get sufficient amounts of hot water around the system.
Constant or intermittent; any of the above may cause the problem to happen some of the time, or constantly.
Internal boiler problem; one or more of the many parts inside may be malfunctioning

Blocked pipes and/or radiators is a common problem. When the boiler produces heat, it needs to go somewhere or the boiler will turn off. Especially open vent systems are prone to corrosion due to the easy access of oxygen to the water. Without adequate treatment after the installation, this will cause the radiators to rust. Rust particles will slowly but steadily build up inside the system, and gradually reduce the flow. The house doesn't get warm enough, the hot water can be lacking, or it can stop all together.

There is a number of possibilities to do with the electrics that can make your system fail. The actual power supply may be failing due to a broken lead, the fuse in the spur or socket gone, fuse or rcd on the fuse board off. Any of these, are easy to spot, as there will be no control lights or leds on. Some things that are more difficult to find, are the timer/programmer or room thermostat not working, or a motorised valve not working properly.

Internal boiler fault repairs

POTTERTON PUMA BOILER FAULT REPAIRED Internal boiler fault repairs, are the ones that really should be left to somebody who is qualified to do so. It is not just that it is that a diy-er, even a really good one, doesn't have all the knowledge to do this kind of job safely. Especially with the latest generation of condensing boilers, you simply would not have all the specialist equipment to do it correctly and safely. It is well possible to make it work without these tools, but that doesn't mean it is working correctly or safely. Another issue, which is especially of importance, is cost. If you diagnose the problem incorrectly, and buy the wrong part, you have lost that money. If you replace the part with the wrong one, or install it wrong, you can do more harm than good. Not only is this a waste of time and money, and it can lead you to believe the boiler has had it and needs to be replaced.

Guaranteed boiler fault repairs

BAXI BACKBOILER FAULT REPAIRED There is one thing you should remember. Whether you live in Bromley or in south east London, I can repair your boiler fault.
You do not pay for the privilege of talking to me. You do not pay me for just showing up. When I tell you that guarantee I can solve the problem, I mean it.
If I fail to find the problem, you do not have to pay. Not a penny. A cuppa would be nice, but even that is optional. Only after I have found the problem, do I expect to be paid, unless specifically agreed otherwise beforehand. That is why this is called: boiler faults repaired
Too many "engineers" show up, go: tsk, tsk, you need a new one luv/gov and then spout one of the nonsense stories about the boiler being condemned or beyond repair ( see the link below ).

Boiler And Central Heating Cons, What To Watch Out for

You don't need that. What you want is simply your Boiler faults repaired by an experienced central heating engineer in Bromley, south east London.

Read the Boiler Repair Blog for regular tips on saving money.
The Boiler Repair BLOG

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