Boiler Repair Service South Eeast London

South east London boiler repair service, run by a central heating engineer who has specialised in repairing for a long time. A lot of qualified installers are perfectly competent to change your old boiler for a new one, but they are lost when they it comes to doing precise repairs in stead of just changing one part after another until it works. I have been supplying a central heating boiler repair service for many years throughout south east London, and Bromley.

Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

I am of course a Registered Gas Installer (I am Gas Safe registered). This is the official designation for what people used to call a RGI installer. Although Corgi still exists as a name, they have nothing to do with the people who are in charge of overseeing gas safety issues.
To make sure I know what I am doing on the electrical side, I am also NIC qualified. Officially it is NICEIC, but most people simply refer to people that are competent to work on mains electricity as "NIC qualified".
I also have paperwork for electronics and wireless communication devices, which can come in very handy when sorting out pcb and control problems.

Most important issues for Boiler Repair Services South Eeast London

What is the most important issue for a boiler engineer who carries out central heating repairs?
It certainly is not qualifications. Qualifications must have something to do with it; I have never heard of a good breakdown engineer without any. But there are dozens if not hundreds of plumbers spread over South East London and Bromley who have more diplomas than you can shake a stick at, and still not very good at repairing.

Tools alone also don't do the job. Although you need quite a bit of stuff to be able to check and repair all the possible problems, it takes more than just tools to offer a good central heating boiler repairs service.
The two most important parts are experience and logical thinking, probably in about equal parts. You need the experience to be able to recognise problems and the logical thinking to understand what is going on and what solution will solve the problem. The reason I can offer a fairly unique 100% guarantee is that I have all 4. What does 100% guarantee mean? Very simple: if I can not figure out the problem after the fault finding, I don't charge. Not a penny. I do not expect to be paid just for knocking on your door and say: "Hello, boiler repair service south London", but for being able to tell you what is wrong and how to get it right again.

Boiler Repair Service South Eeast London with a good balance

I have chosen to offer a balance, rather than an extreme.
I don't promise to be the fastest, but close enough. In the vast majority of cases in Bromley, I will see you the same day you call me, and have the central heating system back up and running within 24 hours. Most people are very happy with that. Some companies promise to be there within one hour, but charge up to 200 pounds per hour, including the time it takes to get spare parts. A lot of the repairs I cost less than that for the whole job, parts and labour together.

My charges are somewhere around average. Some companies promise to beat any price, do free visits, free diagnostics, free quotes and a free prizedraw for a free holiday in the bargain. I don't have time for all that, and neither have my clients. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and invariably there is a catch with offers that sound to good to be true.
The most important part of my offer, is that I won't try to flog you a new boiler when you don't need one. I have even included a list of the most common excuses plumbers use to rip you off.

How to avoid the most common cons and rip offs

If all this sounds like something you may need at some point, you may want to write these numbers down and keep them somewhere near your boiler.
Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

I offer a same day service in Bromley as well. I understand how important it is for you to get your boiler working again, especially when there are vulnerable people involved like young children or pensioners. Running a south east London boiler repair service has taught me that there are two things that people value above all else

1.Making every possible effort within reason to get the system back to work.

2.Do what you promise.

I will do what it takes to to get your central heating or domestic hot water back up and running as fast as is practicable, as you may expect from a good south east London boiler repair service.

Read the Boiler Repair Blog for regular tips on saving money.
The Boiler Repair BLOG

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