Southeast London emergency waterleak repairs

Emergency waterleak repairs in southeast London is one of the key services I deliver, seven days a week if need be. A lot of people think this is something that will only happen in winter during long periods of severe frost. I can assure you that is not at all the case, and have included a list of some of the most frequently found reasons for a problem of this kind to pop up. Some of these are utterly obvious, or at least will be when you think about it; others are not. And when it happens and you can not control it, this simple, clean water that we all take for granted can cause an enormous amount of grief. This is why I have included some very useful tips below that will help you with damage control if and when this happens to you. All year round, for a wild variety of reasons, people need waterleaks repaired in their homes, or even worse, coming from other people's properties, spilling over The vast majority of people that never experienced a problem of this kind, will usually not think of it as an emergency. But the damage from an uncontrollable waterleak can be enormous. This is the reason why in case of a problem stemming from a flat where the occupants are not present, police and watercompany employees can enter the property without a warrant if that is necessary to stop further damage. to their own. After reading the information on this page, you will understand why I have virtually all of the time everything with me that I need for repairing waterleaks in southeast London or southwest London and similar emergencies.

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Common problems causing emergency waterleak repair call outs

waterleak repaired

There are two reasons that most people can think of when they are asked, and those are frostdamage, and a nail or screw through a pipe. There are, however, several more things that can lay at the root of several extra grey hairs and at least one of those you would probably not come up with if you had a whole week to think about it. Rodents gnawing on plastic pipes is maybe not a very common cause for a waterleak to appear, but certainly not unheard of. Nobody knows why they do it, as polybutylene and polyethylene (the stuff most plastic waterpipes are made of) do not contain a whole lot of nutrients, and I can't imagine they are particularly tasty to them either. People stepping or falling on pipes is something that happens more often than you would think, and when it does, it usually results in a proper spout rather than a drip. Crawling in a loft looking for something or hunting around in a dark basement are the obvious ones in this case, but weak or opened floors also do the trick. So called compressionfit connectors, the ones popular for diy or in hard to reach places, can fail unexpectedly. Sometimes after minutes or hours, sometimes after having been fine for years. Whether it is expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, or vibration that makes them come undone is not clear. What is clear, is that they are not totally reliable and that is the reason that they should never be used where they can 't be seen like under the floor. They are actually illegal for use on gas pipes if they can't be seen.

Southeast London waterleak repaired

compressionfit joint leaking water repaired

When do you call a waterleak repaired This may sound like a strange question, but solutions are in the eyes of the beholder. If you have a mains pipe feeding a cold water storage tank with a two inch tear in it caused by frost that suddenly starts spouting water over the joists through the top floor ceiling into the guestroom, cascading into the first floor bedroom and finally leaking into the dining room at a rate of 30 litres per minute, you would probably consider a quick remedy that reduced that to a cupful per minute as a great success. On the other hand, one drop per minute leading to your boiler stopping once a week due to lack of pressure, would most likely become very irritating after a while. In between is the slow drip that can cause a stain on the ceiling quiet quickly and make a boiler or joist rot away over the years. They are all different problems that require different solutions and different response times. It may seem obvious when put like this, but we all take things for granted and millions of people never think about this until it happens. If you did, you are one of the very few.

Repairing waterleaks in southeast London with different requirements

All of the variations mentioned above are different and each requires its own approach. The slow drips from mains or stored water pipes, are normally only spotted because the results are visible. A damp spot, a little visible water or a discolouration of floor, wall or ceiling. Easily the most common cause of this one, is a failed compressionfit connector or draincock. Repairing this kind of leak is often easier than finding them. The most difficult to find type, is usually the one that leads to the boiler stopping due to losing pressure. Although not exclusively, this is far more common on combis because they are almost all on a sealed system. That does not make a combi less reliable, it is simply more noticeable. On the so called open vent boilers with a tank (cistern) in the loft, you often don't notice the leak until the joist has rotted away and the floor becomes wobbly. Finding this type of leak is part art part science and part experience. You need to look at all the different elements, and judge based on all that you have seen before what the most likely source is, and take it from there. Repairing big waterleaks have usually only one requirement: speed!!!! How fast can you get the guy on site and does he have the necessary gear already with him are essentially the only two points of importance.

Preventing waterleak repair bills getting out of hand
repairing waterleaks

There is a number of things you can do that help prevent the cost of waterleak repair bills being unnecessarily expensive. The first and most simple one, is knowing where your stopcocks are to shut off the mains in case of a leak. You should have 2 different ones, one outside in the ground and one inside. There is not specific place for either, and it is very rare to be able to find anyone in a hurry who knows where yours is. The water company may be able to find out from their database or the ground team, but it could take hours or days. A plumber won't know where your indoor one is, unless he has worked in your home before and knows it. The reason plumbers won't know, is that there is no specific place for this one either, and some homes don't have one at all. They should do, but especially with conversions they may be boxed in, floored over or inside the neighbours' and sometimes simply just not there. If you don't know where yours are, it would be a very good idea to find out sooner rather than later. Also, check at least once a year, preferable in summer, to make sure they work. It is amazing how many stopcocks are totally unmoveably seized. The second thing you can do in case of an emergency, is open all taps. This lowers the pressure on the pipes, and may help to reduce the amount coming out of the actual leak. Last but not least, write down both phone numbers on this page and keep them in a place that is easy to remember; sometimes 5 or 10 minutes make a big difference.

Emergency waterleak repairs in southeast London done fast
southeast London waterleak repair

Emergency waterleak repairs in southeast London are different from "normal" plumbing jobs for a number of reasons.
The first one is obvious: the longer the leak continues, the greater the damage and the higher the cost and inconvenience of clearing it all up. That brings a directly related risk due to the lack of time: rip off merchants that charge a fortune for often shoddy work. I remember a case where I was called in after a so called emergency specialist had been at it. The leak was stopped quickly, fair enough. But he then "repaired" it by using a bit of 15 mm (what used to be called half inch) plastic pushfit pipe to replace a split lead pipe feeding four flats. As a result, flat 3 and 4 all but lost their water flow if flat 1 and 2 opened a tap. Another problem, was that he had left the entire length of pipe hanging loose, which caused what is known as waterhammer. This is a bonking kind of noise that you hear every time a tap is opened and closed. To add insult to injury, he had charged over a 1000 pounds for this complete botch job. This is just one example of why it can save you an enormous amount of grief if you keep important phone numbers at hand for when you need an emergency waterleak repaired in southeast London.

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