Glowworm Betacom repairs in south west London

Glowworm Betacom repairs in south west London form part of the daily menu so to speak. It is one of the more popular brands in this part of town, which doesn't mean you don't see them in west Kent or Surrey. It is a household name that has been around for donkey's years, and as it is now part of the Vaillant group, the continuation seems pretty much guaranteed for years to come.
I can tick a lot of repaired Glowworm combination boilers on the list of happy clients where other heating engineers gave up, concluding that is was time for a new a replacement. This is due to a number of reasons, and only part of that is experience. I won't leave home without the correct and complete manual for whatever I work on that day where half possible. Add to that having all the correct tools needed from Torx keys to digital testers, which you need for repairing a Glowworm Betacom, and you can see why I have become quite popular in south west London.

Like most successful models, these come in a range of sizes there are condensing and conventional variations. As it has beencompoulsory to install High Efficiency appliances since 2005, the latter are no longer for sale. However, whichever model it is, if you have a problem with one that needs sorting out, you can call me on..................

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Glowworm Betacom repair prevention

repaired glowworm betacom This is another example of boilers that benefit from a proper annual service. By "proper" I mean stripping it down, cleaning, and adjusting where necessary. This as opposed to just measuring the exhaust fumes, and if they pass the mark it is considered good. Although perfectly legal to do this, it won't show things like the beginning of little leaks, or rust.
A fairly common train of events on a combi, is one of the seals starting to let by on the moving parts that supply the domestic hot water. A bit of damp becomes an occasional drop. The occasional drop becomes a steady drip. Let it be, and sooner or later it can kill the microswitch, the electronics board or both. I have seen this happen a number of times, and it can easily be prevented with a thorough maintenance schedule.
This is typically the kind of thing where a lot of heating engineers stumble. If you don't diagnose all 3 of the faults correctly, the boiler either still won't start after the repair, or if it does fire up, it will fail before too long. In either case, it is easy to revert to the :"Well, I gave it a try, but it's had it".
You can tell why that is, even if you are not very technical. The chap either can't understand why it went all wrong just weeks after he fixed it, or he has some sort of an idea, but lacks the confidence that he can get to the bottom of it. For some reason, this seems to happen more on the conventional models.

Condensing Glowworm Betacom repairs

A great way to build up a reputation for being a miracle worker, is a condensing Glowworm Betacom repair on boilers that suffer from intermittent lock outs.
An example of one I did in Dulwich, from my blog Glowworm Betacom repaired in Dulwich

A "lock out" means that the boiler electronics sensed there was something wrong, and interrupt the firing mode for safety reasons. In this case, it requires the human touch in the form or pressing the reset button. It then fires up again, and depending on whether the problems has been solved or not, it carries on, or stops again. There is a wider variety of reasons for this to happen. It could be lack of gas, the fan not working, a blockage somewhere, overheating or an electronic problem. That in itself can make it difficult enough to find the problem.

Why repairing Glowworm Betacoms is more difficult

So why is repairing Glowworm Betacom intermittent lock outs even more difficult than normal? The safety devices on this boiler are very sensitive, and not very forgiving when it comes to cutting corners with the installation. The same goes for not following the recommended service schedule.
The various sensors all have to be clean, including the connectors. A bit of dirt or corrosion on either side can increase the resistance enough to come outside the accepted values. Accumulated movement from countless times going from cold to hot and back, can move a sensor just enough not to measure the required value every time. Dirt in the pipework or incorrect sizes/connections can have the same effect.

Add all this up, and you have about half a dozen different causes that can lead to the boiler needing to be re-set. Each cause can involve a number of parts, which can take the total of suspect parts to dozens. Tenacity in the form of testing every single bit, could solve this if it were a permanent problem. But as it works most of the time and only occasionally fails, it is quite likely that there is no single part that is actually "properly" broken.
Testing and measuring the usual suspects is unlikely to reveal any problems, which is bound to lead to the verdict of defect pcb. A quick search on Google will teach you that they cost anywhere between £100 and £250 plus vat, so say the best part of £200 for the part alone by the time you hold it in your hands. That is bad enough as it is, but if the boiler conks out again after you have spent this kind of money, you are bound to lose your sense of humour.

One way to solve an intermittent Glowworm Betacom repair, is go to every supplier in south west London, buy on part at each shop, and keeps changing them. You're bound to get it right at some point, but it can take a long time, cause a lot of agro, and cost an awful lot of money.
Some people try the "fixed cost option" from nationally operating companies, but if they find anything wrong and replace that part, the engineer is fully entitled to claim the repair was carried out and finished. Next lock out is counted as a new problem. Although a Glowworm boiler repair in theory is the same as with any other brand, the lack of leeway with the settings makes them a bit more tricky than most. That means you have to know what you are doing, and go by the book. If the manufacturer's instruction is to clean something during a service, you can not suffice with just blowing the dust off or give it a quick wipe with a cloth.
I don't claim to be the greatest expert in the whole of south west London, nor pretend to be some sort of super genius. It is simply a combination of knowledge, plenty experience, the right equipment, and refusing to cut corners that enable me to offer 100% success guarantee for repairing Glowworm Betacom boilers.

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