Central heating system repairs Bromley West Kent

Central heating system repairs in Bromley West Kent, means exactly that: REPAIRING; that is what I specialise in.

I will repair your old beasty, or your modern boiler for that matter, and will not try flog you a new one. In fact people turn to me because of my skills specifically in getting boilers that aren't working properly going again.
If you are looking for someone in Bromley west Kent who can really get your central heating system repaired again, call:

Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

Why me? Because i LIKE repairing. It is far more interesting than flinging a new boiler on the wall. Apart from may the really cheap and ( not so ) cheerful brands, they are all factory tested before being shipped out. That means all the installer has to do to make them work, is connect it all up.
That doesn't mean it works correctly, nor is it guaranteed to be safe. But it works: the radiators get hot and there is warm water from the tap. The gas mix may be way off, which can lead to all sorts of problems like carbon monoxide production or excessive noise, but there is a flame. Boiler breakdown repair is different. More often than not, the user knows little more than the basics, and can't tell me a whole lot apart from that it is cold.

Repairing central heating systems effectively

repaired central heating system Bromly west Kent From here on it is a matter of working smarter, not harder. There is no point in just changing any and all parts that may or may not be faulty and running up a needlessly high bill. It is a puzzle that needs solving. With a jigsaw, you first look to see where you can match the colour, in stead of picking up random pieces to see if they fit. I first look at which faults match what part by asking questions about what happened prior to the boiler breaking down. Then I test and measure, and by a combination of finding damaged or worn parts and eliminating others that are fine, I can identify the culprit. I do have an advantage because of my extensive experience in repairing central heating systems, I know the truth about breakdowns in general, and Bromley west Kent is no exception. Only one in a hundred, is beyond hope, so offering "no cure, no pay" is really not much of a risk for me.
That is why I can promise you this: if I come to see what is wrong, and I can not find the fault, you pay...... nothing. You may want to bookmark this page for future use.

Read this before calling anyone for a service     Common rip off tactics

The central heating system repair service that I offer in Bromley west Kent , is clear and simple.

You tell me the exact make, model, and size details. I will tell you how long it takes to get parts for that particular model. If you are happy with that, we will mend it.

How do you know that this is true? Simple, because I have made a list with all the common excuses that are used. Look at my WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR page for the excuses other plumbers like to use to sell you something you don't need.

And there is one more thing that makes me special . If you would happen to be one of those very rare cases where a new boiler makes sense, I will advise you to get a second opinion before ordering a new one.

Why do we work like this you might ask. Again a simple answer: because we can. Every installer who is on the Gas Safe Register ( what used to be CORGI, see the page on this ) can fling a boiler on the wall, and hook it up. I am not talking about designing a system that is fast, reliable and economical to use. Just remove the old one, and stick a new one in that works. Paprers, magazines and the internet show you thousands upon thousands who can do that at sometimes truly amazing prices. Offering a repair guarantee, is a different story. I don't know how many plumbers are able to offer central heating system repairs in Bromley west Kent with enough confidence to match my offer, but I do know that there are precious few.

Check for yourself. Call the competition and ask them if they give the same guarantee that I do.

No ifs.

No buts.

No excuses.

If I can not find the problem, you do not pay not pay a single penny.

Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

These are the numbers to call if you need someone that really knows how to do central heating system repairs in Bromley west Kent

Read the Boiler Repair Blog for regular tips on saving money.
The Boiler Repair BLOG

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