Emergency radiator repairs southeast London

Emergency radiator repairs in southeast London have clearly shown me the amount of nonsense customers are told by incompetent "plumbers", and those that can only be described as con artists over the years.
If the information below indicates that you need a repair or replacement, or you simply want to ask a question, ring:

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Apart from you just wanting a new one because it looks nicer, there are only two reasons to replace radiators. When the radiator itself is leaking, it really is better to get a new one. Quite often however, reported radiator leaks are actually radiator valve leaks. The only other valid reason is when the room has never been warm enough because the radiator is too small.
You may think, or have been told, that you need one or more replaced. If you are not quite sure about it, follow this simple check-list to find out.

Radiator valve repairs southeast London

Is the radiator itself leaking, or is it the valve?
If you can clearly see water appearing anywhere that is not close to a bleeding point or a radiator valve connection, it is time to get a catalogue and choose a new on. Anything else probably means you don't have to go that far.

Leaks coming from somewhere around the valves can most of the time be repaired by replacing the radiator valve, complete with what is know as "the tail". This is a lot quicker, a lot less intrusive and usually a lot cheaper as well.
The same goes for the bleeding screws. Good radiators are designed in such a way that you can take the leaking bleeding screw out as a unit, and put a new one back in its place. In all the emergency radiator repairs that I have done as a central heating engineer in southeast London, I have only come across one brand that still screws the bleeding nipples directly into the radiator. It is also this type that is commonly sold in popular diy stores. They may be cheaper than the other model, but the common problem of leaking bleeders on this one is usually no possible to repair.

Does a certain room not get warm enough any more?
If the room used to be nice and warm, chances are that the problem lies somewhere else. Unless something has changed like more ventilation/draft or the room has been enlarged, the heat demand has remained the same.

During the years that I have been doing emergency radiator repairs in southeast London I have found that the problem in most cases is a blockage caused by dirt/debris floating around in the system. If this is the case, installing a new rad is absolutely pointless. One real tell tale sign of dirt in the system is when one or more rads get hot unevenly. Flushing is one remedy.

Other possible reasons for a room not reaching the desired temperature any more are:
The boiler not producing enough heat.
Too much heat "drawn away" by other sources. This is often the case with systems that use a cylinder. For optimum performance of both, the central heating and the hot water should never be on at the same time; it is amazing how many central heating engineers don't know this.

The boiler thermostat may be set too low. As a rule of thumb, the boiler thermostat on non-condensing boilers should be set at about 80-90% of maximum.
Are some rooms much warmer than others?

Your system might not be correctly balanced. This is one of the most common problems I have come across. The amount of times that I have gone out to do emergency radiator repairs in southeast London, and found nothing wrong apart from dirt and the need for balancing, beggars believe.

Much as I believe it is better to repair things than to throw them a way, radiators are the exception that proves the rule. I have done emergency radiator repairs in southeast London, and other places of course, for many years and found that virtually all leaks are caused by corrosion from inside.

That means that when a leak appears, there are probably several others waiting to happen. You can test the strength of a radiator (you may not have the tools, but I do ) but to do that properly, you have to remove it and take it somewhere safe. As the chances that the rad can be kept are pretty slim, the labour costs involved in this exercise are not really warranted unless it is a really expensive model.

Mon-Fri 08.30-20.30           0208 265 8822
Emergencies out of hours   07852 736 626

For a high quality emergency radiator repair in southeast London.

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